Marián and Miguel Ángel Darder, of PASSION EVENTS

Marián and Miguel Ángel Darder, of PASSION EVENTS

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Look at these suggestions Passion Events makes for weddings. In the area of ​​the link, a still life with plants, baskets and juanajuanas. Pasión Eventos was born from an imperative need for Marián to have freedom at all levels of his life. “Thanks to this personal project - he tells us - I have been able to develop my creativity and put my talent at the service of others. And I owe it all to my father: he not only taught me to organize any event, but also to love this profession, in good times and in bad times. ” The delicate banquet table without tablecloth, with the beauty of the wood in sight. The spectacular canopy that delimits the area. Pablo Costa The suggestive night lighting, with LED garlands on the heights and candles on the table; and the country air site brand.

A wedding planner it's good if ... She is empathetic, honest, decisive, brave, creative, human, disciplined, self-critical, optimistic, cunning, committed, constant and generous.

Imagine that I come with my partner. You, what would you advise us? Let no one tell you how your wedding has to be, that you seek professional help that you fully trust and that you let yourself be pampered.

Pasión Eventos has its own personality that is distinguished and recognized by ... Our value is not so much in what we do, but in how we do it. We need to create events with the heart and help couples achieve their dreams with love. Organizing weddings is more than a job, it is our way of seeing life; #bodasparasiempre, more than a slogan or a hashtag, is our true identity.


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