A bedroom for twins

A bedroom for twins

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A room for two babies you must combine decorative details with charm - do not forget that, from a very young age, children are fascinated by children's motifs and practical solutions that facilitate their care.

1. Recreate an environment where children feel safe. Opt for bright tones and very comfortable wood, laminate floors, fibers that allow them to play comfortably and that are easily cleaned.

2. Buy furniture that, when your babies grow, are still useful. A good chest of drawers is perfect for storing the toiletries of your little ones, diapers, wipes, etc., and when children grow up it will be key for them to store clothes and their accessories.

3. Place the cribs next to each other. Keep in mind that when a baby cries, your little brother will imitate the second; so you can calm them or give them water at the time.

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Place the two cribs in parallel: so you can attend to the two babies at the same time. These are from the Laia de Cunadalda collection, just like the dresser; When the children grow up, you can replace them with a matching bed-nest of the same firm, to leave more free space and complete it with a bedside table. Cots and chest of drawers Laia de Cunadalba. Curtains made with a vichy fabric. Ceiling lamp, all for sale in Carcys.


Decide on a piece of furniture that also serves as a changer. Thus, when children grow up, you can give it more uses, even in other areas of the house. This is pine and its finish evokes the models before. Laia de Cunadalba chest of drawers, in 0.94 x 1.12 x 0.55 m and changing table. Everything in Carcys.


With decorative paint you can achieve beautiful effects. In this case, the wall was painted white and stripped in beige to achieve a finish that mimics wood slats. On it pictures were hung with children's motifs. Decorative painting in Carcys.


Try to have a bar, shelves and drawers to better distribute your clothes. If you can, dedicate a space to a playground with a small table and a couple of chairs. These are from the Cuore de Cunadalba collection, which also has a wardrobe, chest of drawers, crib, coat rack and bookcase with a little house-shaped tuft. Cuore table, in 53 x 60 x 60 cm, Cuore chairs and Laia wardrobe. Everything is from Cunadalba and is sold in Carcys.


It is important that you can modify the height of the bed frame so that, when your baby stands up, you lower the mattress and avoid risks of falling. The cradle Laia de Cunadalba is manufactured in two sizes: the one that measures 0.85 x 0.70 x 1.31 m offers three positions of bed base height, and the version of 0.85 x 0.82 x 1.54 m It has two heights. In addition, the entire collection is finished with non-toxic paints and varnishes. Quilt and protector, Carcys.

Patchwork quilts look beautiful in children's bedrooms.

If you like to sew, make a model with scraps in the same tones. So that each child has a personalized model, it includes a piece of Panama embroidered with their favorite dolls. Embroidery quilt.


Give them the whim of decorating their room with children's details: butterflies, story characters, flowers ... If you are tricky, go ahead and paint them on the wall freehand. Reasons made by Carcys.

Children who share a room like to have their own space.

Simply hang a picture with your initials on the cribs. Sheets made by Inma Vico in Conina. They are also available with different frames.