Think velvet and join the velvet trend

Think velvet and join the velvet trend

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Velvet is a soft fabric, Short and dense hair, with a uniform distribution of the threads, created in special looms, which can be obtained from natural and artificial fibers, or with a mixture of the two.

Its luxurious appearance and its brightness is due to the fact that the thread of its surface reflects the light in multiple angles.

This king of elegance -as long as it does not recharge the space, nor overwhelm- it integrates well in spaces with vintage, current, bohemian and contemporary aesthetics.

It is perfect to give a glamorous air to an environment with just upholstering some selected piece of the living room, dining room and bedroom, as well as making curtains, cushions and bedding.

The last: You will see the velvet in refined design furniture, but where it looks amazing is in the capitoné upholstery, in retro pieces and fifties and in the curvilinear furniture. In them, the sinuous silhouette of the pieces is further enhanced with this upholstery, which gets interesting looks.

Advertising - Keep reading below Cushions with natural color palette

Symbol of luxury in the past, velvet is updated and democratized to give any environment an extra dose of elegance. These cushions, with a natural color palette in earth tones, combine with an ultra-warm skin to form a spectacular tandem. Try it in your living room! Cases: Lisa Envel (€ 20) and with star, Icestar (€ 30). Plaid Savage (€ 125). Everything, Texture.

Let yourself be seduced

The special shine of velvet is just one of its charms. You will succeed, if you reupholster with him your favorite piece, which will gain an air deluxe Irresistible. This chair opens a more chic image with a velvet in powdery pink tone, pure trend.

A plus that adds sophistication to the design: the tubular legs in gold. Collection velvet Momentum (€ 106.50 / m); in curtains, linen Moramo, with double width (€ 159.50 / m) and paper Chaconia (€ 119.90 / roll), from Harlequin, which distributes Pepe Peñalver.

Decorate with velvet, without fear. Used sparingly, it is capable of giving that magic brushstroke that transforms a dressing table, for example, into a more refined environment. The fusion of this fabric with metal details, such as gold, copper and silver, further enriches any interior design proposal.

Risky Prints

Printed velvet with color mix are a key element to personalize the decoration.

The smooth ones are a sure value in a matter of elegance but surprise! textile publishers risk with bold motives and contrasts, which arouse maximum visual interest. On the chair Pleine Lune, velvet model Bella Coola from the collection Arapahos, from Pierre Frey. It is an ikat inspired by Native American Art (€ 215 / m).

A new look

Upholstered with capitoné are transformed into exclusive pieces with velvets of novel colors.

Take a risk with tones trendy, like pastel green, emerald, mauve, pink, blue, mustard ... that come to revolutionize the classics. Armchair Constantine, in cotton velvet (€ 99.95). Closet Madras, solid mango (€ 999). Everything from Maisons du Monde.

For decorators, velvet is an infallible resource that gives that exquisite touch to their interior design projects. In its favor, today it is more versatile than ever because it is done in such a variety of shades, which has become an upholstery easy to integrate into multiple decorative styles.

To the last

Key to give velvet a more current aesthetic: contrast it with hair tissues.

The textures will be protagonists. Get ready for new sensations. The thin, short and dense thread of velvety upholstery blends well with the fluffy carpets of medium and long hair; you just have to find the tone, or tones, that create an attractive contrast. Carpets Ådum (€ 39.99 each) and table Stockholm 2017, in rattan (€ 99), from Ikea.

Velvet, even the most economical and resistant, is not a fabric suitable for the floor of homes; yes for upholstery and clothing. If you want to recreate its softness, there are other textile options. Hair carpets, especially those that have some shine, have a thick, lustrous thread, full of nuances.

In blue night

Experts say that dark colors are the ones that best enhance the characteristic brightness of velvet and its changing effect. Seeing this sofa, we understand it better. Although the light tones - the pastels and powders included - that play so much in the current decoration, are also irresistible.

Sofa (€ 1,499), pouf (€ 129) and lamp (€ 69); all of the collection Stockholm 2017, from the firm Ikea.


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