23 things you should remove from your home immediately

23 things you should remove from your home immediately

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We would all like to live in a more organized house, but even having the best of intentions, getting down to work costs a lot.

Many times, under the excuse of "I don't throw it in case I need it", we keep stacking objects that we surely won't use in life. Therefore, we have asked four professionals of the organization (Beverly Wade, Helen Sanderson, Sally Walford and Kate Ibbotson), what are the things that we should get rid of to get a cleaner and tidier space.

1. Old mobile phones and their chargers

Do you still keep that tangled phone among a thousand undefined charger cables? It is time for them to move to a better life! Find out here how to recycle or even sell your old phone.

2. Outdated electronic devices, such as VHS tapes, radio cassettes, and cables that you no longer use

Technology has advanced a lot in recent years, and you may not even be able to use these devices anymore. Be realistic and say goodbye to them.

3. Magazines

You promise again and again that you will read them the next day, but you know that it is not true. Stop wasting your time and take them to the hairdresser or simply recycle them.

4. Too many pens

For some strange reason, we usually accumulate more pens than we will use in life. Stay with those who still have the lid and throw the rest.

5. Old computers, laptops and hard drives

We usually store these devices, just because we don't know what to do with them. According to Good Housekeeping UK technology expert Carrie-Ann Skinner, you must remove hard drives from your computers and laptops before taking them to a recycling unit. Carrie-Ann also recommends destroying hard drives, for example, with a hammer. Sounds good, huh?

6. All those things that you promise that you will sell, but that you never do

Think about it, are you really going to sell all that on eBay, or would it be better if you took it to a thrift store?

7. Document stacks

It is time to end that terrifying pile of documents and stay alone with what is strictly necessary.

8. Negative memories

Get rid of those objects that make you feel sad, like the notes of that fateful course you never finished or the box with memories of your ex boyfriend. Surround yourself only with elements that give a positive value to your life!

9. Clothes that you will never wear

You know what we are talking about ...

10. Those gifts you have never liked

Don't you think that instead of hiding them in the back of the closet, they would be better in the hands of someone who really enjoys them? And so, by the way, you save space ...

11. Dry paints and markers

The best way to put order in your children's things.

12. Rough, frayed or faded towels

And welcome the softness!

13. Manuals

Don't be afraid to throw away all those manuals you have never used. Nowadays, on the Internet, it is very easy to find the solution to any problem.

14. Plastic bags

It is not necessary that you fill the entire closet with bags, leave only the ones you usually use to make the purchase.

15. Popcorn, ice cream, bread and yogurt machines (unless you really use them)

With few exceptions, nobody usually compensates for the use of these machines with the space they occupy. A kitchen should look clean and beautiful, and the more released the surface, the better!

16. Excessive cutlery

Save space by reducing your cutlery, and do not worry about guests at parties, that's what plastic cutlery is for.

17. Tupperwares

They usually take up too much space, so get rid of the ones you don't use, but also those tops that don't fit anywhere. The key is to invest in identical tuppers that are easily stored.

18. Old makeup

It is good to remember the rule that liquid products last six months and the rest one year, so everything that happens from there ... to the trash!

19. Expired medications

Ending all those expired pill boxes is a good idea to clean your closet and occupy it with necessary things.

20. Uneven socks

Spend an afternoon matching those socks that have been swarming in the drawers for years, and get rid of those who have been left alone.

21. Travel guides

If you bought them long ago, they probably won't work… Unless you want to go visit a museum that has been closed for years!

22. Replacement quilts

We usually keep them under the premise of "just in case", but they take up too much space, so you better forget about them.

23. Duplicates

Two is too much in anything, so why not donate it or give it to a friend?

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