Slow Time at Hotel La Serena

Slow Time at Hotel La Serena

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Simply cross the threshold of La Serena, so that the guest perceives that the name of this Alicante boutique hotel It is a true reflection of reality. Without televisions in the rooms -to avoid any indication of noise pollution-, the traveler enters an ideal refuge where to break with the acquired routines. Precisely, the decision to change life was the germ of the hotel. One day, its owner, Elia Albert, chose to close the pharmacy she had in Benidorm and move to Altea to undertake a different project. His dream took shape, and in the neighborhood of Bellaguarda, in the heart of the old city, La Serena emerged, a hotel with character that exudes charm.

The Hotel has 10 heated rooms -La Serena is a perfect destination for any season-, air conditioning and dryer. After a restful break, the guest will enjoy a breakfast made with fresh products from the market, many organic. And after strolling through the streets of Altea or discovering nearby destinations on the Costa Blanca, such as Calpe, Moraira, Jávea, Denia, Villajoyosa or San Juan Beach, you can regain strength in the restaurant La Serena Maralba, advised by chef Fran Martínez , with a Michelin star.

Address: Alba Street, 10. Altea (Alicante).
Phone: 966 885 849
[email protected]
Rooms: It has 10 rooms overlooking the bay of Altea, the old town or the picturesque neighborhood of Bellaguarda.
Prices: The price ranges from € 95, depending on the season and the type of room. It includes breakfast and VAT. La Serena also has interesting offers, such as the workshop for making homemade bread or the couple's plan, with private use of the hammam.

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La Serena lives up to its name, and tranquility is breathed in every corner. Despite being in the heart of the city, and just five minutes walk from the beach, its location on a cut street guarantees the independence and calm of its guests, both inside and on the terrace.

Room with terrace

The room called Mediterranean It has its own terrace. From it you have magnificent views of the sea, beyond the roofs that are staggered on immaculate facades that dazzle the sun.

hotel's pool

The hotel pool is the only one that exists in the entire urban core. Even on the cooler days it is a delight to rest on its sun loungers and contemplate the streets that wind along the hill on which Altea stands. La Serena also has a Turkish bath for private use.

Independent room

It has 10 rooms overlooking the bay of Altea, the old town or the picturesque neighborhood of Bellaguarda.

Wood carpentry

The mix of styles achieves environments with personality. On the terrace, traditional materials, such as white-painted walls or wooden carpentry, coexist with signature furniture, such as chairs Tom Vac, with polypropylene seat, which are a Ron Arad design for Vitra.

Reading room

The common areas of the hotel invite you to enjoy the senses. A piano precedes the reading room, paved with flower-shaped tiles recovered from a demolition, and furnished with the Coconut chair, an icon of the design created in 1955 by George Nelson for the Vitra firm.

Mud floor

At night, the landscape is transformed. The exterior views, hidden in the dark, give prominence to the terrace tables, the mud floor - characteristic of carriage yards -
and vertical panels with works by Damiá Díaz that delimit the terrace.


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