A functional flat on the beach

A functional flat on the beach

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Giving this environment a more functional and modern character was the main objective of its owners. And is that the floor, located on the beach In a coastal town of Castellón, it went from being a holiday apartment to the usual residence.

To fulfill their aspirations and turn the flat into something more than a second home, they turned to the help of architect Damián Ribas. The decoration was outdated, since the house was built 30 years ago, and the rehabilitation gave it greater breadth and luminosity, and allowed the creation of four double rooms with their own bathroom, which are perfect for the family.

The terrace plays a very important role in the life of the house; Therefore, it was visually connected to the interior through decoration, and furnished as if it were another room. The presence of fresh and natural materials, such as wicker or beech wood, allow this continuity and provide lightness and luminosity. In order for the furniture to adapt perfectly to the needs of the family, many of them were designed by architect Damián Ribas; An example of this is the bookcase, which maintains order in the living room, or the bed, with a built-in canteen and bedside tables that allow full use of the space.

The old terrazzo tile pavement, which had a very dark tone, was changed by the cream marble. This material, very practical for a house on the coast for its easy cleaning, travels through the different rooms of the house as a conductive thread and providing freshness and clarity to all environments.

Advertising - Keep reading below The same environment includes the living area, the dining room and the hall, which visually expands the space.

To separate the hall from the hall and give it greater independence, a bottomless shelf was placed behind the sofa, which does not detract from space. For the pavement a cream marble was chosen, perfect for a house on the beach, since it is bright, fresh and very easy to clean. Shelving, designed by Damián Ribas and custom made in beech. Akari paper lamp, for sale in Vinçon.

To give more light and increase the feeling of spaciousness, we chose the predominance of white in walls and upholstery.

In addition, the decorative continuity between the different environments has been achieved through repeated use of materials such as beech wood or vegetable fibers. Floor lamp, for sale in Santa & Cole.

The dining room was located next to the terrace.

To create some continuity with the outside, the chairs were replaced by wicker armchairs. The branches knotted in a corner, put the natural touch. Mesa Literatura, in Vinçon. Armchairs and shelf Lack, by Ikea. Cuadros, by Joan Ponç and Arranz Bravo.

The living was delimited by a vegetable fiber mat and was placed around a fireplace, which heats the environment and allows you to enjoy the house throughout the year.

Sofa, by Ikea. Coffee table, for sale in Vinçon. Iron fireplace, designed by Damián Ribas. Picture, by Ràfols Casamada.

To enjoy the terrace at any time of the day, a large awning was installed that gives shade to the area.

Instead of trying to go unnoticed, it was decided to give prominence with a very striking orange tone combined with wide white stripes.

On the large terrace the same decorative style was followed as in the rest of the house.

For this, the marble pavement was kept, and the brick walls were painted white. Sofas, by Habitat. Armchairs and sunbeds, from Ikea. Coffee tables from iroco, designed by Damián Ribas.

Serenity is the characteristic that was sought in the bedroom.

As in the rest of the house, it was achieved through a white decoration, altered only by the structure of the bed, in beech, which brings the tone of warmth and makes it even more cozy.

The bed has a headboard and built-in bedside tables.

The headboard, as a shelf, allows you to use it as a bookcase to leave books and other decorative elements, such as a painting. Bed, designed by Damián Ribas. Picture by Todó.

In the bathroom, highlights the iroco blown countertop that includes a round sink.

The space under the countertop allows you to gain storage areas. The front of the washbasin was covered with a large mirror, which visually expands the space and provides greater luminosity.


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