The dream machine that sweeps Amazon

The dream machine that sweeps Amazon

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If every night you dedicate yourself to counting sheep and you have already reached the neighbor's flock, you may need a more effective method of catching the dream ... In addition to having a cup of alpine lime or moon milk, white noise is also an infallible ally when it comes to falling between the sheets.

There is variants for all tastes: sounds of rain, wind, radiators, fans, hair dryers… Yes, some are quite curious, but the important thing is that they work!


And we owe it all to its creator, Jim Buckwalter, a street vendor who, in 1962, looking for a method to alleviate his wife's insomnia, discovered that the white noise of the air conditioner in the hotel room where they were staying helped sleep. to his wife. It was then that Jim got down to work in his garage to conceive a machine that could constantly replicate the same noise, without the movement of air. Such was the success that today is still the number one sales under the Marpac firm.

The version that we propose have a more modern aesthetic than the original, and has 16 sounds to choose yet approximate price of 45 euros. What we see is a yawn? 😉

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Marpac Dohm Natural White Noise Machine (Sound conditioner for music therapy).


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