No one imagines that this modern apartment is over 100 years old

No one imagines that this modern apartment is over 100 years old

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Patricia Gallego

Each decoration has its music. This is what Patrick List, interior designer of Nordic Standard thinks. “And this New York loft lounge, married jazz. A record by Nina Simone… ”, he tells us. “I was missing an instrument, so I thought about a guitar, and I got this one, from my lawyer!” Patrick's passion for architecture and interior design is reflected in every detail of this floor, located in the Barrio de Salamanca, in Madrid. When he took over the project he faced an old building “about 100 years old, in poor condition, with many small bedrooms, some without windows, and hallways.” Another problem was the irregular floor plan, with triangular spaces.

The difficulty of the project was no problem for Patrick. Even before working as export chief of a design company in Sweden, he had renovated and decorated some homes. It would be three years after moving to Spain, to a commercial office of the Swedish embassy, ​​when he decided to dedicate himself professionally to his passion as an interior designer at Nordic Standard. In the case of this house, the reform involved creating a common area consisting of living room, dining room and kitchen, “inspired by a loft
or in an exclusive private club, so that the person who lives in it feels completely protagonist, ”says Patrick.

One of the main successes of the reform was the choice of coatings. The floor was paved with spike oak flooring, to which a usual treatment in Sweden was applied, "it is a varnish without gloss, which maintains the color of the wood," explains Patrick. In the common area, the platform was framed with terrazzo with handmade black and white stripes, while on its walls the original brick of the house - hidden after layers of plastering - was recovered, and combined with a frieze of lacquered wood in pearl gray As for the carpentry, the floor windows were maintained, with strong solid wood sheets and vertical iron bolts, although it was necessary to restore them to recover the splendor of yesteryear.

But without any doubt, One of the most charming corners is the greenhouse created in the living room. The enclosure, with black iron and glass profiles, delimits an area decorated as a flirtatious bistro. The table and chair, located next to the window, allow you to read the newspaper and enjoy tea while watching the street. The idea of ​​Patrick List? "You can close the glass doors to the living room, open the window and feel as if you were on the terrace of a cafe."


- Color is key to defining a feminine environment. The pink, calm in dusty tones, or intense in its fluorine version, indicates that the bedroom belongs to a woman. It is not necessary for the color to dominate the entire space: some detail, such as plaid, is enough to give a chic air.

- On the bed cushions, tassels, beads and finishes Do It Yourself - embroideries, crochet, period ... - will add a feminine vision. The last? Ethnic motifs and boho-inspired prints.

- Use female accessories to decorate: hats, colorful stands on which to hang rings, a vintage cage with necklaces ...

Advertising - Continue reading below Iron enclosure

Interior designer Patrick List designed an iron and glass enclosure that delimits a cozy space with plants, decorated like a bistro terrace. Some of the furniture was brought from Sweden, such as the sofa and armchairs, while the pouf that serves as an auxiliary table came from Denmark.

Ceiling lamp, by Flos. The golden foot model, as well as the car, were purchased at a second-hand store. The photographs are from the Vogue Archive Collection, in the Lumas gallery.

Bistro aesthetics

Patrick List chose for the greenhouse the base of a bar table - which was completed with a marble envelope - and an outdoor chair. The goal was to recreate the atmosphere of an outdoor cafe, where you feel like reading a book and having a good tea.

Define the seating area

When the room shares space with other environments, it is interesting to visually indicate which area corresponds to it. Here it was made with a carpet and with two armchairs that complement the sofa.

Transparent or opaque vases?

Both options are perfect for decorating the house with flowers. In the case of glass, change the water daily to give a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Brick walls

During the renovation, carried out by Nordic Standard, exposed brick walls were discovered. Patrick List decided to leave it in sight to boost the air of the New York loft in the living room.


View of the mirror, an interior designer's design, consistent with the greenhouse's enclosure.

Ikea table, surrounded by style chairs Thonet. Ceiling lamp, from the Swedish firm Pholc. Carpet model Berber Crisscroos, by Lorena Canals.

Goodbye to the partitions

The day area is formed by the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, three environments that follow each other in the same space without any wall compartmentalizing them. Two elements enhance the air of the New York loft: the surface installations, hidden next to the ceiling in a metal tube, and the lights directed towards the photographs, to recreate the atmosphere of a gallery.

Nordic style

The spacious kitchen has the cooking area, a central island and a floor to ceiling cabinet front designed by Patrick List. The fronts, in gray-green color, are completed with brass handles lined by hand with leather, from Sweden.

Ceiling light

The ceiling lamp brings solemnity to the environment and directs attention to the island, made of granite, which also serves as a breakfast bar.

Insects arrive!

And it is not a matter of zoology. Flies, dragonflies and butterflies have become protagonists of the complements. Display them with a sense of humor in dishes and decorative objects.

Home appliances

The kitchen was equipped with all kinds of appliances, some of them paneled - for example, the dishwasher on the island - and others seen, such as the wine cellar in the front of cabinets. Under these lines you can see the plaque and the decorative bell, framed by the windows. The use of black joints in the cooking front, allowed to enhance the white tiles in gloss finish.

Exoticism with glamor

The idea of ​​a safari inspires the decoration of this bedroom, chaired by the picture of a jaguar. Below stands the headboard, an interior design made to measure, with frames and storage space that is accessed from one side. The touches in dark gray - the curtains, the carpet and some cushions - enhance the elegance of the environment.
Picture by YellowKorner.

Sliding doors

In this reform, Nordic Standard opted to install sliding doors in the bathrooms. When the sheet slides into the wall, the toilet area is integrated into the bedroom, hence the importance of both spaces sharing the same color palette.

Lamp, by Pholc. The bedside table is a Patrick List design, made by a blacksmith, with a marble top.

Custom bookcase

The setback of one of the bedrooms was used with a custom bookcase, designed by the interior designer, with cabinets in the lower area. Thanks to its broken white finish, identical to that of the wall paint, it is completely integrated into the decoration. The asymmetrical pattern that the shelves follow, each with a different width, adds dynamism to the space.

Photo gallery

One way to renew the decoration is to place your best framed snapshots in the library. Leaning on a shelf, and with an object in front that prevents them from falling, you can change them whenever you want without having to make a hole.

Lamp with tears

In the projects that Patrick List carries out for Nordic Standard, he likes to introduce some unexpected element that breaks the general decoration scheme. A good example is the ceiling lamp with glass tears of this bathroom. A piece that, due to its decorative impact, is usually reserved for the most social spaces of the house - such as the living room or dining room -, surprises here in one of the most private areas of the house, to which it adds relevance.

Metro type tiles

The chosen coatings, subway type tiles on the walls and white tiles with black studs on the floor, recreate a retro atmosphere, to which the washbasin cabinet and faucet are attached. The color binomial is also respected in the double shower screen - in a reticle, such as the enclosure of the room - and in the towel rail-radiator, black.

A small work ledge

If you do it with very little background, on the wall behind the sink, you will have an extra surface on which to display perfume bottles, attractive cosmetic products, vases, pictures ...

Housing plan

Housing plan