ARKET, the new H&M brand that also sells decoration

ARKET, the new H&M brand that also sells decoration

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"Democratize quality through accessible, well-made and durable products, designed to be used and loved for a long time." This is how the new H&M brand, ARKET, defines its mission, which means Swedish paper sheet "a tribute to our Nordic heritage," they explain. In its physical stores, which for now will open on August 25 in London and then in Copenhagen, Brussels and Stockholm, and in its e-shop we can find fashion and decoration of our own design with a vocation to endure over time and pieces vintage reissued. They will have the same products permanently "playing every season with the materials, colors and proportions to create a perfect daily uniform," they say and add "we want each of our products to be the best version of itself. Our customers can be sure that everything we offer has earned its place on the bookshelf. " In addition to their own designs, they will sell pieces of Bordallo Pinheiro, Duralex, Hario, Iittala, Iris Hantverk, Price & Kensington and SyuRo.

In each of its stores there will also be room for a coffee, which will follow the New Nordic Food Manifesto and his vision of quality products and healthy lifestyle. "They will express the purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics that are naturally associated with this region and will reflect the change of the seasons in the dishes we offer, cooked based on the ingredients of our climate, landscape and water."

Klippan has been manufacturing high-quality weaving yarn in the south of Sweden since 1879. The company developed into one of Scandinavia's most modern spinning mills in the 1900s and is run today by the fourth and fifth generations of the founding family. Their pure wool blankets are woven in Riga, Latvia, using traditional Nordic craft techniques and pattern designs. An assortment of Klippan blankets and throws will be available in ARKET stores, including an exclusive ARKET collaboration. #ARKET

A shared publication of ARKET (@arketofficial) on Jul 25, 2017 at 6:50 p.m. PDT

The ancient art of mosaic flooring was rediscovered by Venetian craftsmen in the 1500s. Odd-size river pebbles and pieces of marble were set into lime or clay to create inexpensive and hard-wearing 'terrazzo' surfaces, levelled with stones and sealed with goat's milk to bring out the sheen of the rocks. Marmi Scala of Verona manufactures bespoke floors and store interiors from cream-white and light-red marble quarried in Grezzana in Northern Italy. Made for ARKET stores in collaboration with Herrljunga Terrazzo. #ARKET

A shared publication of ARKET (@arketofficial) on Jul 10, 2017 at 7:23 p.m. PDT

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View of the press presentation of the collection in London.

Recovered part

The Skedblad chair, designed in 1933 by Carl Malmsten and now reissued by ARKET. It will be the one used in the cafés that stores will have.

Timeless design

Porcelain utensils

Knock on wood

Wooden cutting board.

Made to last Desk set Nordic inspiration Home Textiles From the far east

ARKET will also have pieces from other brands, such as these from the Japanese brand SyuRo, made by artisans from Tokyo.

Good food

The food that will be served in your coffees will follow the healthy and fresh produce ethics of the New Nordic Food Manifesto.

The candlelight Very natural To carry out

The coffees that are prepared in their stores can also be bought to make at home.


ARKET means sheet of paper in Swedish.


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