A house with garden for a large family

A house with garden for a large family

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Miriam Yeleq

With four little daughters, Rachel and her husband were looking for a house with garden, away from traffic and the hustle and bustle of Madrid. The flat where they lived before was perfect. When their first home was small, they bought a much larger one, very close to the girls' school, and renovated it to their liking. But after a year living in it, they decided to flee from the city center: they rented their house and went to another one, just outside, also for rent.

“Four years later we bought it, because we liked the house, the urbanization and the area where it is very much,” Raquel tells us. "The atmosphere is wonderful, very familiar, with children of the same ages as our daughters." The house has two floors. On the ground floor are the rooms of the social area - kitchen, living room and dining room - and in the first, the bedrooms with their bathrooms.

A few years ago they decided reform the house and reorganize the ground floor depending on your lifestyle. Partitions were thrown to get a large open space and the porch was integrated inside of the house, becoming the favorite corner of the whole family. "We also changed the parquet floor for flooring and removed the gotelé from the walls," explains Raquel. “My husband and I designed the new distribution. We chose the materials and the finishes, and the company Reformas Logos carried out the works ”.

The owner also took care of the decoration, inspiration comes from her fondness for the world of interior design! Faithful follower of , He likes to review the magazines, dive on Instagram and Pinterest and, whenever he can, visit shops and decoration fairs in search of good ideas, charming corners and new finds.

He confesses that his style is characterized by being a renovated classic and, thanks to him, Raquel has gotten her house to breathe a timeless elegance. They convince their calm, harmonious and always balanced environments, with a white base and subtle brushstrokes in cheerful tones.

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A serene and elegant air predominates in the decoration of the living room, where the neutral tones of walls, coverings and upholsteries were animated with subtle strokes of color.

Sofa, by Gastón and Daniela. Cushions and lampshade, by Atanara. Table and frame, by Gloss & Raffles.

Well defined areas M. YELEQ

In the living room, the furniture distribution contributes to create Several different environments. The living area, in addition to being framed by a carpet, was visually closed with a chaise longue to achieve a more intimate atmosphere.

Chaise longue, of Gastón and Daniela. Mirror by Shibbi. Sideboard, by Gloss & Raffles. Ornaments on the coffee table, Zara Home.


The green strokes give cohesion to the decoration. We see them in pieces of furniture, but they are also repeated in accessories and ornaments scattered throughout the living area. In this way it broke with the blank monochrome of the walls, the ceiling, the sofa, the coffee table and part of the carpet.

The ornaments are from Zara Home.


The wall facing the fireplace was decorated with a sideboard Oriental style, green aged lacquer finish, and a couple of Mirrors with cuarterones.

Sideboard, by Gloss & Raffles. Mirrors-window, from Shibbi. The lamps come from Guáimaro.

Silence: relaxation area M. YELEQ

Who says the porch is only for summer? Raquel and her family wanted to enjoy this garden view space for more days a year. So they took advantage of the reform to integrate it into the living room with a glazed enclosure.

Furniture, by Maisons du Monde. Plant and basket, Los Peñotes.

Inside or outside? M. YELEQ

The glazed porch It is now, thanks to the enclosure, a cozy open corner and with great luminosity, where an outdoor lounge with fiber furniture has been created.

Sofa, by Maisons du Monde. Cushions, from Atanara. Coffee table, by Bois et Lin. Artificial plants and baskets, of Los Peñotes.


Breakfasts, reading moments, evening gatherings, dinners under the stars on summer evenings ... Raquel loves to organize meetings with friends and family, whether at the yard, in times of good weather, or in the porch, in that corner won abroad.

Open space M. YELEQ

The kitchen, completely renovated during the renovation, is located on the ground floor of the house. A master pillar, which was impossible to eliminate for constructive reasons, subtly separates this room from the hallway that leads to the hall.


Walls, furniture and countertop were chosen in white to fully reflect the natural light that enters through the window. The furniture - with handles in drawers and lower drawers, and without them in the high cabinets - transmit feeling of neatness, So important in the kitchen.

Furniture, from Arestil Hogar. Kitchenware and accessories, from Zara Home.

Meeting center M. YELEQ

When a kitchen is shared by six people, it has to be practical and comfortable. “We wanted it to be a open space to the dining room and living room. We really like having breakfast at the bar and, at night, while my husband cooks, the girls -Dorieta, Jimena, Alejandra and Vega- and I, we get together to chat in the dining room and have a good time with family, ”says Raquel .

Table and chairs, from Ikea.

Very clear separation M. YELEQ

An island with breakfast bar delimits the cooking zone and visually separates it from the dining room.

Contrast chic M. YELEQ

Raquel, who at the time of decorating feels identified with a renewed classic style, wanted to give her a bold touch To some space in the house. And he did it in the bathroom, with a wallpaper of large motifs stamped in black on a white background. The black washbasin is another innovation.

Wallpaper, by Lantero Decor. Mirror, from Ikea. Furniture, by Gloss & Raffles. Accessories, from Zara Home.

Next to the rest area M. YELEQ

In the Main bedroom, spacious and bright, a toilet corner was created that also serves to work at home. Highlights the XXL mirror resting on the console and the bench with storage space at the foot of the bed.

Bed and bedside tables, bought in Ikea. Textiles and cushions are from Atanara. Blanket, from Zara Home.


Following the color line of the rest of the house, Raquel opted for a neutral background also in your bedroom thanks to white walls and furniture, which allows you to renew the look just by changing fabrics and accessories.

Storage area M. YELEQ

At the foot of the bed place a trunk to gain an extra storage area or a bank that harmonizes with the rest of the bedroom, where you can sit, leave your bag or prepare your clothes the next day.

Fireplace M. YELEQ

The interior of the fireplace offers many decorative possibilities. When the good weather arrives and you stop using it, replace the wood with colorful still lifes. Candles and candle holders, Los Peñotes. Damajuanas, from Zara Home.

In & out M. YELEQ

Complete the garden dining area with chairs or armchairs in braided fiber, iron or wood, which are also perfect inside the house. Do not hesitate to add cushions on the seat and backrest so that everyone is much more comfortable ...

Upholstered chairs M. YELEQ

If you want your dining room to be comfortable, decorate it with upholstered chairs. Coordinate your print or color with other fabrics of the environment, such as curtains, to achieve a uniform set. Just remember that they are sensitive to stains.

Tacks on the couch M. YELEQ

The detail of the tacks on the sofa is ideal for a Classic look renewed. Typically, the upholstery clips are camouflaged, but they are also used only as decorative elements of the design.

False window M. YELEQ

Place a mirror in front of an exterior exit and you will integrate the landscape of your garden or terrace inside the house. This was done in this dining room, where he won a false window, with frames included!