A renovated stately apartment to gain modernity without losing the essence

A renovated stately apartment to gain modernity without losing the essence

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Bale World

To know this wonder of stately floor, we have to travel to the armera city of Eibar. There, the Pacas Decoration team encountered a most attractive challenge: modernize this house that belonged to the client’s grandmother, without losing the essence Historical and familiar.

By introducing fresh and simple fabrics in sofas, chairs and decorative elements, the atmosphere of the living room, which continues to maintain the classic furniture, is more relaxed. Bale World The cushions of ikat and the alpaca blankets are from Mundo Pacas. Bale World

It is a housing of a stately building located in the center of the city, which despite being very well preserved, it had a style too classic with a lot of noble material: wooden panels, leaded windows, stately cornices ...

The challenge of the reform was to preserve the elegance and history, giving the house a much fresher air. Bale World The flat has been adapted to modern life with mastery, preserving the sentimental burden of family memories. Bale World

With about 300 m2 of space ahead, there were many wasted holes, Y although the ground was not very damagedthey decided renew it by choosing a natural three-layer oak, to refresh the atmosphere and give it a more cozy and bright air.

The bathroom is part of an open space next to the dressing room and the bedroom. Bale World The opening of spaces adds a lot of natural light to the house. Bale World The Victoria & Albert exempt bathtub was acquired at Gunni & Trentino, and the floor is pebble, creating an elegant and relaxed space. Bale World The sink combines the industrial style with the classic decoration. Bale World The headboard of the bedroom is from Mundo Pacas and is upholstered with Romo fabric. Bale World The minimalist lighting that comes from the Vibia hanging bed lamps, contrasts with the recovered neoclassical bedside tables that were painted to give it a fresher air. Bale World The division of the three areas of the room: bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, are separated thanks to the Rimadesio doors. Bale World

The result? A perfect home for modern life, where there will always be room for family nostalgia.