A house designed to the millimeter

A house designed to the millimeter

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Míriam Yeleq

Converting a 45 m2 apartment into a cozy and bright house was the objective of this comprehensive reform. The architects of the change were Ana Bolaños, technical architect and manager of the Maos Maintenance and Works Techniques company, and Miguel Ángel Naranjo, its architect, who immediately detected their possibilities. Aware that they had a long journey ahead, they set to work.

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 2 The Salon Míriam Yeleq

In the decoration of the room, it was based on a neutral base, with walls, upholstery and furniture in white, and then pink details and accessories were added, to give dynamism to the environment. The cushions, the plaid, the pouf and the carpet are from Gancedo. In the dining area, the table and chairs were chosen in the same finish, to create visual uniformity.

3 A mini receiver Míriam Yeleq

This space communicates directly with the living room, without a door, to gain luminosity and depth. It was decorated with a little bottom furniture.

4 Integrated kitchen Míriam Yeleq

Fully open to the living room, it was decorated with white furniture lacquered in high gloss, smooth and without handles. To make the most of the space and gain storage areas, tall cabinets were installed practically up to the ceiling.

5 The dining room Míriam Yeleq

The height of the ceilings allowed to build a loft in which a bedroom was created. It was delimited with a very light railing, in white. The sensation of visual continuity was achieved through the color white, present not only in the walls, but also in furniture and upholstery, and through the vinyl floor covering the floor of the entire house. Two heights. The bathroom, located under the bedroom, became independent with a sliding door.

6 The bedroom Míriam Yeleq

In the master bedroom, the bed rests on a brick wall seen that appeared during the works. This was combined with a white paint socket to lighten the result. The quilt and cushions are from Gancedo. Carpet, by Leroy Merlin; bedside table, from Domestic Shop. Bed linen in white and different shades of gray, puts a touch of freshness in the decoration.

7 The bathroom Míriam Yeleq

In the bathroom, the sink was installed on a blown countertop. Underneath, a cabinet was placed to store the toiletries. The fiber basket is from Leroy Merlin, and the towel, from A Loja do Gato Preto. The shower located in a corner, was closed with a screen with sliding doors for easy access.

8 Key piece: shower tray Míriam Yeleq

Extra-flat Terran shower tray, in STONEX®, Arena color, from € 405.35, from Roca

9 Key piece: blank table and wood Míriam Yeleq

Susu model table, in white and bamboo, measures 60x45x60 cm, € 105, from Bloomingville.

10 Plane Míriam Yeleq

The 45 m2 of this house were distributed in living room, dining room and kitchen; a bedroom, a bathroom and a patio. In addition, a loft was built that could be used to create a second room.