A delicious fruit slush to refresh the summer

A delicious fruit slush to refresh the summer

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You already know that you have to eat 5 pieces of fruits a day. With this slush you turn 3.

INGREDIENTS (4 people):
- 1 banana
- 250 g of green melon
- 250 g pineapple
- 5 dl of coconut milk
- 4 mint leaves

Look how the slush is prepared.

Step 1


Peel and cut the banana into pieces. Cut the melon, first, in half, and then, in several slices. Remove the seeds and cut into not too large pieces. Peel the pineapple and cut into slices.

Step 2


Put the fruit, already peeled and cut into pieces, in a bowl, and add 5 dl of coconut milk. Crush with the blender. Coconut milk can be substituted for soy or almond milk.

Step 3


Pour the mixture into a bowl and put in the freezer. When it begins to solidify, take out and beat with a fork. Freeze again and repeat the previous operation a couple of times. Serve with mint leaves ...

The result is impressive.

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