DIY pet houses

DIY pet houses

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At the time of the rest of our pet we have two options: one, we buy them a nice bed where they can rest in a pleasant way or, two (and with this you enjoy both): you make your place of relaxation yourself. And the network is full of pet projects based on wood, cloth, cardboard ... so that your puppy, kitten or even the little birds in your garden, have a house as God commands. Do not you believe it? Well look at the idea so curious and beautiful they have in A colorful birdhouse that makes it easier for garden birds to make their nests safely. It will protect them against rain, wind and cold. You can also make your own with a brick of milk and a little imagination. Cut a hole through which they can enter, dry it well inside and fill it with pieces of wool. They are safe for them and will also provide heat.

If you have a dog, this idea (suitable for handyman very pro), pets and owners will love. A bunk bed with a support for your dishes inside and a staircase.

Something easier: a teepee. To do this, get some wooden slats of the same size, some strings to join them on the top and a fabric to cover it. Your dog will be a real Indian chief.

Eye, that cats also want their teepee! Due to their independence, this closed house will provide security. A real den. You can decorate the fabric yourself with textile paint.

And speaking of cats ... it is not a little house but for them it will be their world. In this room, the owner has created a cat paradise by placing bars and supports lined with jute for your enjoyment. A marvel!

Do you already have your idea? Throw yourself into the world of DIY ... your pet will thank you!

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