Choose your closets and organize your dressing room

Choose your closets and organize your dressing room

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The first step when buying a closet or to order it to measure is to calculate the basic measures. The minimum height is 1.80 m, just what you need to hang up jackets and long dresses. From there, all the centimeters you add can be used as a loft. For the bottom, calculate 50 cm; in the wardrove with less depth you will have to place the hangers diagonally so that they do not collide with the doors and you will lose valuable warehouse space.

Another essential factor is to have a good visibility of what you keep in the closet. Keep in mind that, the more you look, the more possibilities there are to wrinkle the garments. To facilitate the vision, group the clothing by categories: blouses, shirts, skirts, pants, dresses ... And within each of them, hang the garments by heights, from smallest to largest, so it will be easier to locate the one you are looking for. To prevent the deformation of the accessories, put newspaper in the bags. Finally, if you put a rolled magazine in the boots, the cane will remain stretched.

Advertising - Read on below Practical keys for closets and dressing rooms

Your impeccable clothes. We propose some tricks to make the most of your space; Your clothes will thank you.

Dressing room to the bathroom

See what a good idea when planning spaces. If your house has the typical old, very compartmentalized layout, you can convert one of the rooms into a dressing room and use it as a passageway between your bedroom and the bathroom. In this case, the cabinets were completed with wooden fronts; being from floor to ceiling, visually lengthen the space. When the doors are closed, the dressing room disappears visually,
and bedroom and bathroom are united by what seems like a large distributor. A night gallant serves to leave the next day's clothes ready.

Dressing room behind the door

A large sliding leaf discovers an organized space with shelves, drawers and bars to hang clothes on hangers. If you choose to place a retractable sliding door -which is hidden inside the wall- you can take advantage of all the space to store clothes and accessories, without having to leave the area that would occupy a conventional door clear. Firms such as Krona, Scrigno or Maydisa have frames to embed the sheet in the wall without the need for a double partition. Here, the shelves and drawers in white
Do not recharge the space. The result? The dressing room seems clearer!

Hanger for scarves

Use media that let you see its contents at a glance. Like this hanger, with 10 holes to hang scarves. Hanger (€ 8.50 at Howards Storage World).

Multipurpose boxes

Transparent plastic boxes for items that you no longer know where to place and that are very practical for their various sizes. Boxes (from € 18.90); You will find them in La Oca.

Modular cabinet with wheels

Is your closet still not dressed? An alternative is to look for modules that adapt to space. This, from Howards Storage World, combines bar and shelves. In 91 x 46 x 180 cm (169, € 95).

Chest of drawers for removable accessories

In the cabinets there is always an area that is difficult to access without bending down. Usually the bottom is used with drawers, but all firms have removable accessories that allow you to take advantage of every inch of the interior effortlessly. Pants, baskets, trays and shoemakers are installed on guides that, with a small movement, slide outward and show
its content There are even removable mirrors! Before buying them,
Take action and make sure they will not collide with doors, hinges or skirting boards that would prevent them from being removed.

Interior organizers

Belts, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, ties ... Are you tired of ordering them so that in a few days none of them already occupy their original place?
Small accessories move inside the drawer as soon as you open and close. To keep them in order, there are interior organizers or, as in this case, a tray
which prevents the content from moving.
The Komplement model, from Ikea, includes 18 compartments and is removable. Available in several widths, it can be completed with a protective mat for the base and with a glass shelf. In the measure of 100 x 58 cm (€ 40).

Three fronts closet

A closet does not have to be symmetrical inside. The model of the Basic collection, by Leroy Merlin, has a wide area - with book-type doors - and a narrow one, with a swinging door. Shelves, bar, pants, removable basket and shoe rack thus adapt better to the space (€ 340)

Wall to wall cabinet

It is the best way to take advantage of space. A custom closet can be adapted in case there are pillars, setbacks, irregularities in the wall or even areas of the bedroom with a different background. The important thing is to take advantage of every millimeter of the interior while from the outside it gives a feeling of harmony. In this design, the grid-shaped barbell fronts convey order. Have you noticed the lighting? As in this area the ceiling is very high, a small cornice has been made on the cabinet to install recessed spotlights that illuminate the contents of the cabinet.

Cloth bag for delicate items

Delicate garments can be hooked with square brackets or with drawer guides. Protect them in a cloth bag like this (€ 10.95), from Derrière la Porte.

Sock box

If you don't have any more free drawers, use boxes. The polypropylene that have a handle are very resistant. Model for socks, from the firm Derrière la Porte (€ 19.95).

Wardrobe with mirror

Apart from the fact that in it you can monitor how well you have your outfits, a closet with mirrored doors multiplies the natural light and makes the bedroom seem deeper thanks to its reflective power. The Tyssedal model, by Ikea, combines mirror fronts with a white structure that further enhances the effects of luminosity and amplitude. With a shelf and a bar, it includes height-adjustable legs to balance any small slope that
Have the bedroom floor. Your measurements: 88 x 58 x 208 cm (€ 299).

Glass cabinet doors

Unless you are a lover of order, the cabinets with glass doors that expose their contents also reveal bent sweaters in a hurry, dropped bags or ironed dresses. The most current versions opt for translucent glass fronts, in which the interior is only guessed in the form of subtle shadows. Nevertheless,
the curtains offer absolute opacity. Ideal for country chic houses, they add charm to the closet. But if you prefer a current design, opt for fabrics with metallic effects and stretch the curtains instead of pursing them.

Wardrobe to separate environments

The suite-type bedrooms, with the integrated bathroom, are trending. But the passage from the rest to the toilet area raises doubts: better with or without a door? If in the end we dispense with the sheet so that the space seems wider, how can privacy be guaranteed? A custom closet is an excellent way to separate environments. These floor-to-ceiling fronts, white lacquered and without handles - the doors open with a click system - merge with the wall. The closet looks like a partition, but it has more dynamism thanks to the heights, aligned with the height of the opening that gives way to the bathroom.

Door handles

Put your closet to the last. The lyrics are trend. In cardboard, metal or paper, decorate walls, shelves and furniture. Nordal signature handles (€ 8.73 each).


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