The ingredient you need to clean the shower head

The ingredient you need to clean the shower head

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Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most cumbersome tasks there is, but if we do not, our health can be in serious danger, and that is that mold and moisture are definitely our enemies.

However, and as paradoxical as it may be, we usually forget to clean in conditions the part that we use the most. Indeed, we refer to the shower head. But why is it so crucial to do so?

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The answer is very simple: being in permanent contact with water, the head is filled with small particles of minerals like calcium, silica or magnesium, and these, in the end, end up obstructing the passage of water. In fact, the harder the water, the faster the process will be.

The solution? Vinegar, an ingredient that removes particles As if by magic. Also, how to clean the artichoke could not be easier.

If you can unscrew it, place it in a vinegar taper for an hour or two. If it is fixed, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and wrap the head with it, helping you with a rubber band.

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After that time, rub the artichoke with a toothbrush to remove the remains well, and rinse it with hot water for a minute. Repeat the process once a month, or every two weeks if the water is hard.