The MUJI chain of stores opens a minimalist hotel in Tokyo

The MUJI chain of stores opens a minimalist hotel in Tokyo

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The brand new hotel is not new for the Japanese firm MUJI. Founded in 1980 with the aim of offering quality products for the home, as well as clothing and food, The company already had two hotels, located in Shenzhen and Beijing respectively.

Its three basic pillars remain intact today, and leave their mark on this new Tokyo hotel that is called Ginza, the famous district where it is located:

1. Material selection

2. Streamlining processes

3. Simplification of packages


Located in the same building that houses the main MUJI store, the hotel has 79 rooms, all of them designed to escape any ostentation and exorbitant prices. In fact, the furniture that decorates each corner of the accommodation, can be found in the stores of the brand. In this way, the hotel acts as a showroom. Good strategy, don't you think?

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The hotel offers nine different types of rooms, depending on the size desired by guests: from small single bedrooms of 14 m2, to rooms with 52 m2, ideal for couples.

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